construction industry

road and soil stabilisation milling machines

We supply round-shank bits and wear segments for all sizes of road and soil stabilisation milling machines. Chisels with a shank diameter of 11.3 to 30 mm with the corresponding carbide inserts, guaranteeing long lifetime and short downtimes of the machines taking into account your soil conditions, are available.

air pressure tools

Compressors, hammer drills, scarification hammers, hoses, hose connection elements, corresponding insertion tools in all dimensions allow you effective and economic working on all your construction sites.

excavator-mounted drum cutters

By the use of hydraulic excavator-mounted drum cutters you obtain cost advantages as compared to hydraulic hammers. They produce less noise and work faster with more profile accuracy and less vibration. The produced milled material can be used for filling purposes. This saves waste disposal costs. We offer excavator-mounted drum cutters as longitudinal and transversal cutting heads for excavator sizes from 5-110 tons. Of course we also deliver round-shank bits and supports for all working conditions of the machine.

chisels for excavator-mounted hydraulic hammers

No matter whether your hammer comes from Atlas-Copco, Krupp, Montabert, Indeco, Rammer, or any other manufacturer: we can deliver the adequate pointed, flat or blunt chisel in standard or special length. These are chisels of original equipment quality. Almost all common types are in stock and will be delivered free domicile to you or to your construction sites.

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