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Robby Krönert at BWH as an engine mechanic

A machine is only as good as the service it receives! For this reason, we have hired additional employees in our machine servicing department. Robby Krönert now works with Martin Tröster and takes care of the maintenance, care, repair and cleaning of our drilling rigs and piling machines. This job is carried out at our machinery depot in Hainichen as well as at our customers’ construction sites, where our rented machinery is in use. Furthermore, he works closely together with the customer to ensure that the delivery, operating instructions, the return of machinery and all corresponding documents are carried out to everyone’s satisfaction. You can read Robby Krönert either at or +49 170 3710273.


Presentation of the prize to the winner of BWH’s Football World Cup 2016 betting game

Due to the holiday season, there was a bit of a delay in presenting the prize to the winner of our company’s internal betting game for the EURO2016 in France. Twenty-five employees, their relatives, friends and former colleagues placed their bets again this year. Much to her joy, the overall winner, Karin Hanßke, was presented with this year’s original German Football Association jersey, and Tino Sass, the winner of the preliminary round bet (without any bets for the European champion and leading goal scorer) received a German Football Association sports bag. We were particularly happy that our former accountant, Ingrid Kannegießer, continues to have close contact with her colleagues and was busy placing her bets too. Since betting is only occassionally rewarded, she was presented with a nice key chain as a consolation prize for her dedication. She received it as always, with her own special humour.


LIEBHERR LB36 rotary drilling rig in use as of July 2016

Doinig things in a big way is now! The demand for increasingly larger equipment is steadily growing. For this reason we have decided to include a type of large equipment in our rental pool which deserves this name – a brand new LIEBHERR LB36 with a BAT410 drilling table! The drillinig table is designed for a torque of 410 kNm (41 t) and is therefore suitable for larger drilling diameters (up to 2,000 mm) and drilling depth (Kelly bar of 36 m). Moreover, the machine is equipped with the modern Liebherr process data acquisition. Please do not hesitate to download the latest LIEBHERR LB36-410 data sheet or contact us.

Download: LIEBHERR LB36 rotary drilling rig


We congratulate Philipp Ettrich and Erik Puschmann on their good performance on the occasion of the Tough-Guy-Race in England

Although the temperatures have been rising in the meantime, it would be remiss not to congratulate Philipp, our colleague, and Erik Puschmann, his friend, for their good performance on the occasion of this year´s Tough-Guy-Race in Wolverhampton/ England. In this obstacle race taking place at the beginning of every year and being deemed to be one of the hardest races throughout the whole world less than half (2280) of approx. 5,000 runners crossed the finishing line. Philipp and Erik got the wonderfull 1271st place. The participation fees benefit various charitable organisations. It was a pleasure for us to support these two “fighters“ in their undertaking. Congratulations!


Heavy rock meets drilling technology

Denis Spielmann, Harley and heavy rock fan, has already been reinforcing our team since November 2015. While it is still easier to discuss about musical taste and American motorbikes, nevertheless, there is agreement at the latest when it comes to any matters concerning the rental of our special civil engineering tools and equipment. Due to his longstanding employment as a site manager he has successfully learned the ropes of his new work area with competence and great dedication in a minimum of time and shapes our rental segment significantly. Denis Spielmann is responsible for the tool rental; in addition, the mobile piledriver rental and the development of this new business field. The leadership role of the service and rental department remains with Dietmar Hanßke. He continues to personally attend to the renting of rotary drilling rigs.

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