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LEFFER oscillator machine of the type VRM 150 KL completes the rental park

In addition to our VRM 118 KL casing oscillator a brand-new VRM 150 KL was purchased from LEFER and included in the rental park. Thus, with the help of reduction inserts all available casing diameters of 620 to 1500 mm can be driven or pulled in an oscillating manner. All drilling machines available in our rental park are equipped with appropriate adapter plates and hydraulic connections.


Christmas Greetings

Who is knocking at the door?
"Oh, two very poor people!"
What do you want?
"Oh, please give shelter to us today
Oh, by God ?s love we are asking
you to open us your huts after all
Oh no, no, no!
"Oh, let us enter after all!"
It cannot be true
"We want to be grateful!"
No, no, no
it cannot be true
So go away
you are not allowed to enter.

Tyrolean folksong dated from around 1800

The "Knocking" is a long custom preserved and nurtured to the present day, and in particular in the Tyrolean area. On the three Thursdays before Christmas, singers dressed up as shepherds go from house to house in small groups and tell of the Nativity with their songs. Accompanied by the first verse of the well-known "Knocking song" we would like to let you go for a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year. May there be many open doors, eyes, ears and hearts.


Successful market launch of the water-powered WAI down-the-hole-hammers on the occasion of the STUVA fair

On the occasion of the STUVA tunnel construction fair in Dortmund the water-powered down-the-hole-hammers of the WAI range were presented, which found great interest and feedback on the participants´ side. With such hammers produced in the USA an alternative to the products by the Swedish monopolist Wassara could be made available for the first time. In numerous tests and applications on sites in Sweden as well as the USA the hammers could give proof of their performance. At the moment the 3.5“, 5“ und 6“hammers are ready for series production. The 4“ and 8“ version will follow in short. The data sheets for the hammers can be found in the download area at


01.- 02.12.2015 - Please visit us on the occasion of the 2015 STUVA Expo at the exhibition stand D138!

We would like to cordially invite you to our exhibition stand on the occasion of the STUVA in Dortmund where we would like to present you our TDS Tunnel Drilling Solutions line. The latter has specialized in drilling technologies related to the tunnel construction. All types of drilling tools and drilling equipment for this segment are on offer, among others even spigots for various drill jambos/drilling rigs as well as any equipment, consulting and staff for controlled (steered) boreholes as well as ice boreholes. We are pleased to present you the new water-powered down-the-hole-hammers of the WAI line ("Made in the U.S.A.") for the first time in Germany. The latter could already show a better performance than the Swedish original at many sites in Scandinavia and the U.S.A. Robert Hansson, our Swedish colleague and former Wassara employee, was instrumental in developing and launching this hammer. It is there where you will even have the chance to get to know him personally. We are looking forward to welcoming you at the stand D138! While enjoying a slice of genuine Saxon stollen cake, a small cup of coffee or even a beer, there might certainly be an excellent opportunity for a shop talk.


TDS delivers drill equipment for the largest tunnel project in the world

In the course of the selection of Qatar as the football World Cup host in the year 2022 and the strongly growing population combined with new districts in the capital city of Doha as a consequence thereof plannings for a new underground system started in 2011. In this context 4 underground lines in total are planned to be built as a twin bore tunnel each. In total, up to 21 tunnel drilling machines (TDM) are deployed for this project. Thus, this project is currently the largest tunnel site throughout the whole world. Due to the geological conditions (soft soil, limestone, slate content) with a partly very severe ingress of water through existing clefts our customer worked out a proposal for solution for sealing the required crosscuts by way of injections. The entire drill equipment for this project was delivered by TDS and brought into service on site. Due to the long ways of transportation several options with regard to the drilling work have been developed by us in order to flexibly comply with the requirements on site in case of any difficulties occurring. After drilling operations for several weeks the holes can be drilled to the fullest satisfaction of the customer and the necessary injections can be inserted.

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