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New service technician got off to a great start

Since 1 July and together with our colleague Heiko Schmidt, Martin Tröster has been answering questions regarding the drilling rigs in our rental fleet. Mr Tröster’s duties include the delivery and receipt of rotary drilling rigs and anchor boring rigs on our clients’ construction sites, as well as the repair and maintenance of the equipment. Martin was previously employed by a Liebherr service partner, and therefore has a considerable amount of experience under his belt – despite his young age. Straight off the bat, Martin placed bets in his favour in the in-house 2014 football World Cup in Brazil contest, winning the much sought-after original German Football Association jersey with the fourth star. Almost all of us were happy for him... ;-)


TDS at “Trenchless ENGINEERING 2014”

“Trenchless ENGINEERING 2014 - the 12th International Conference, Exhibition and Technology Show” took place in Cracow, Poland from 11-12 June 2014. The trade show focussed on controlled drilling for infrastructure and tunnel projects, as well as for water supply and sewage disposal. Mr Alexander Lösch from our TDS-Tunnel Drilling Solutions department had a joint stand with our partner, Mr Grzegorz Wojdylo from ETP Euro-Tech Plus, where several technical innovations, such as a drill bit for overburden drilling, were introduced. Since a very large percentage of Polish drilling companies were represented at this trade show, we were able to present our range of products and drilling solutions during many interesting conversations. Furthermore, many interesting projects from the past were presented at the conference, which was taking place at the same time, providing a good overview of the controlled drilling market in Poland. Overall, it was an extremely informative trade show for our ETP and TDS departments, and great contacts were made to the local Polish drilling companies.


Congratulations to the SG 1899 Striegistal on their promotion to the Central Saxon division!

None of the teams left the grounds as a winner on the last matchday of the season. The Striegistal football players tied with TSV Dittersbach, the top team in the league. The Striegistal team could be satisfied with the 0:0 score, since they were in the better position. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to top it off with a goal. Nevertheless, the mood after the game was cheerful, since second place on the charts, and thereby the team’s advancement, were secure. With sponsored “promoted team” shirts, the boys cut a fine figure after the game and were able to celebrate their success appropriately. We are happy for the team and will continue to support the Striegistal team with out sponsorship.


NEW!!! Delmag RH24 at the rental park in Hainichen

We have added an additional drilling rig to our rental park: the RH24 by Delmag. The rotary table has a capacity of 24t of torque and is thereby a versatile drivetrain in special foundation engineering. The rig’s first application will be on a construction site in Thuringia. We would be happy to assist you should you have further questions regarding the drilling rig or rental costs.


GDS joins SPD and ABI at Grundläggningsdagen 2014

On 13 March, GDS joined the companies SPD and ABI to participate at Grundläggningsdagen, a renowned trade fair which took place in Stockholm, Sweden. This fair is especially important for the Scandinavian Market and focuses exclusively on foundation engineering and tunnelling technology.

On this occasion, GDS, SPD (short for “Scandinavian Pile Driving”) and ABI (a company specialized on heavy-duty rotary drilling rigs, anchor drilling equipment, etc.) announced their cooperation. Particular attention will be paid to sales, service and technical support of AN120 and AN150, the anchor drill rigs from Interoc. These rigs will be made available by the new joint company as purchase or rental options in Scandinavia. If you have further questions on anchor drill rigs, Robert Hansson (GDS) or Alexander Lösch (TDS) will be glad to provide further information.

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