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Additional Liebherr drilling rig purchased

In February, an additional drilling rig will be added to our rental park. The Liebherr LB20, which will now also be put into operation, is available for rent in addition to a smaller LB16. The newly added LB20 drilling rig features 200kNm of torque and a 270 kW/361 HP engine. It can achieve drilling diameters of 1200mm and uncased diameters of 1500mm. All standard drilling processes can be performed with this unit. Together with our partners, we are also able to offer you drilling rigs up to the LB36, as well as the LIEBHERR ram and drilling rigs LRB125, LRB155 and LRB255. We look forward to offering you with a reasonably-priced and customised rental quote.


The new Liebherr LB16 rotary drilling equipment has been put into operation

This brand-new LIEBHERR drilling rig LB16 will be positioned at our rental park in Hainichen in addition to the DELMAG RH20, which is already there. The LIEBHERR LB16 will be available immediately for rentals. The LB16 is characterised by its compact size with optimal performance, for example, a track width of 2.5m and a transport weight incl. the rotary drive and 6t of ballast of 48.3 tonnes. With the inserted kelly bar, drilling depths of almost 20m are possible. Naturally, this equipment is designated for use with LEFFER pipework machines.

An interesting feature is the option of converting the rig into a low-head version. With this, the max. mast height is 12.5m, and work in areas that are limited in height, such as railway construction sites, under bridges or in industrial hangars, becomes possible. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this piece of equipment, such as transportation, insurance, etc., and to provide you with a reasonably priced rental quotation.


We wish you a blessed Advent and Christmas season.

We cordially wish everyone a chance to relax at the end of the year, and time to reflect on that what is important. Time for your families and friends, and for yourselves! Time to think abut why we celebrate Christmas.

We thank you for the nice and interesting times that we were able to share with you this year, and look forward to the New Year with you.


Mast extensions for excavators as a flexible alternative to drills

In collaboration with our partner, SRT Soil Rock Technologies, we are offering you excavator mast extensions by the Swedish manufacturer, Scandinavian Pile Driving AB. These machines are a flexible and economic alternative to conventional drills, in particular if the company is already in possession of the correlating excavators with hammer hydraulics. The excavator mast extensions can be used for pipe drilling as well as with auger drilling. For rotary drilling and rotary percussion drilling, the corresponding applications are available. With drilling diameters of up to 500mm, it is possible to close the gap between anchor boring rigs and large rotary drilling rigs. Ask us for reasonably-priced purchase or rental options!


Speaking for ourselves – BWH Bohrwerkzeuge Hoffmann GmbH & Co. KG

We have merged our two companies Bohrwerkzeuge Hoffmann KG and Bohr- und Mietwerkzeuge Hoffmann OHG to one single company. This resulted in a streamlining of our organisation, allowing us to process your inquiries with even more efficiency. We can now offer special civil engineering tools for purchasing and for hiring at one stop. The company name valid as of now is BWH Bohrwerkzeuge Hoffmann GmbH & Co. KG, for both companies. All contact persons you are familiar with will remain the same for you, in particular Dietmar Hanßke as authorised signatory and Torsten Hoffmann as managing director.

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