special civil engineering

pile foundations

We supply LEFFER tools, from the casing drive adapter via drill pipes, drill augers, drill buckets, core barrels, core rings, up to casing shoes with welding bars or quick change bars for your rotary drilling rig. All parts are made with highest quality and of wear-resistant materials. Innovative user concepts are continuously implemented into the design of the drilling tools. We gladly adapt and produce all tools to your requirements.

For quality reasons, our own rental park for special civil engineering tools has been equipped with LEFFER tools, too.

Furthermore, we deliver compound armour plates, wear strips with a width of 20-50 mm, hard metal angles, studs, securing elements, HARDOX cutting strips and every spare part for your drilling equipment.

jet grouting drilling, anchor boring, percussion boring

HPI High pressure injection boring with pressures of up to 500 bar require the most exact joints between all components. Our suppliers have decades of experience in the production of flushing heads, tubes, monitors, drill bits and jet grouting carbide nozzles.

We supply simplex jet grouting equipment in the diameters 63.5 to 88.9 mm and duplex jet grouting equipment with the diameters 76.1, 88.9 and 114.3 mm. These threads are compatible to the ones existing in the market. Rotary drilling pipes and percussion boring pipes are offered in all common pipe diameters with threads fitting to your equipment. The used materials 27CroMo44 and 42CroMo4 guarantee a long lifetime of the tools.

geothermal drilling and well drilling

Fitting to each type of geology, we supply drill pipes, down-the-hole-hammers, drill bits, exterior piping, overburden drilling systems (Maxbit, Odex, SuperJaws, EBEX) and hollowing augers in the dimensions you define.

auger drilling (horizontal / vertical)

We supply augers with corresponding drilling heads for your requirements with respect to diameter, length, connection type (hexagonal 29 to 150 mm, or threaded), flushing procedures and soil condition - and of course matching wear and cutting elements as e. g. round-shank bits, flat chisels, and weld-on cutting teeth.

tools for (micro) tunneling

For this area, we offer a multitude of paring knifes, weld-on cutting teeth and separate tungsten carbides to protect your tools from wear and to guarantee fast boring progress with long lifetime. The City Tunnel of Leipzig (tube diameter 9 m) was drilled with BETEK paring knifes supplied by us for a Herrenknecht tunnel drilling rig; the knives have been optimised for the soil conditions in co-ordination with the user.

water-operated down-the-hole hammers (WAI)

Our product portfolio includes water-operated down-the-hole hammers made by the Swedish company WAI. These hammers are characterised by higher efficiency (reduced fuel consumption, increased drilling progress) and an ecologically sustainable drilling procedure (no lubricants in the soil or in the groundwater). The borehole wall is essentially more stable than compared to pneumatic alternatives. There are no unscheduled soil outputs. Air pollution and dust loads are avoided because the drillings are immediately bound. Particularly important for the application within cities, only this makes work in closed areas possible at all.

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